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How can Reiki help you?

Reiki is a Japanese practice that is used to heal physical and mental ailments, it is also practiced to support mental clarity and spiritual well-being. Reiki is a very specific form of energy healing, in which hands are placed just above the body or lightly touching the body. The intention of the practice is to help activate the body’s innate healing capacities and bring balance and well-being back to one’s life. ⁣

Research is showing that pregnant women who receive reiki therapy on a regular basis experience:

  • 94% reduction in stress and anxiety

  • 78% percent reduction in pain 

  • 80% reduction in morning sickness

  • 86% of women reported improvement in sleep

I am also happy to work with mothers who are freshly postpartum, 50 years into motherhood, or even if you are trying to conceive. Because Reiki is so helpful in balancing the nervous system, it is beneficial to all.


$100 per 1 hour session

$75 per 45 minute session

(this service is included in 2 of the doula packages)

Indianapolis, Indiana


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