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Pregnant Woman in Nature


My hope as a doula is to help you succeed in having a truly empowered birth!  I believe every woman deserves to have holistic care during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. This means having the tools to feel nourished spiritually, emotionally, and physically. ​

Essential Package

❂ 2 prenatal visits, birth, and 1 postpartum visits.  ❂ 1 accompanied provider visit (optional) ✧ Visits will focus on birth education and birth preferences ● Includes Online Breastfeeding Class ● Hypnobirthing Education ● Prenatal visits typically last 1-2 hours (for all packages) ● Includes unlimited communication with me via text during pregnancy and postpartum ● Access to my lending library ● Reiki during labor when requested ● Photography during birth when requested

Wellness Package

❂ 5 prenatal visits, birth, and 1 postpartum visit ❂ Some visits can be used toward postpartum instead of prenatal if that is desired ❂ 1 provider visit (optional) ✧ Visits will include: ● Birth Education  ● Building a birth preferences document ● Guided Relaxation  ● Energy Healing ● Birth Trauma Release ● Body alignment exercises for optimal fetal positioning ● Prenatal Yoga ● Supplement Support ● Prenatal Nutrition Coaching ● We can tailor your sessions as needs arise ● Includes unlimited communication with me via text during pregnancy and postpartum ● Includes access to my mini lending library ● Includes Online Breastfeeding Course + Hypnobirthing Education ● Reiki during birth if requested ● Photography during birth if requested

❂ Already have a Doula? ❂ Choosing not to have one? ❂ Or need additional care? ✧ This package includes five 90-minute personalized sessions, encompassing: ⚘ Reiki therapy and a nurturing space for exploring the full spectrum of emotions that accompany the motherhood journey. ⚘ Embodiment practices, which encompass a variety of holistic techniques such as: ✧ custom yoga curated for you ✧ breath work ✧ yoni steams ✧ self-massage & dry brushing ✧ qigong ✧ meditations ✧ somatic experiences ✧ emotional freedom technique (tapping) ✧ grounding rituals ⚘ Mindfulness tools to gracefully navigate your moment-to-moment experiences with utmost care and compassion. ⚘ Personalized supplement and herbal remedy recommendations. ⚘ Nutrition coaching for conception, motherhood, and the postpartum period. ⚘ Exclusive soul-comforting recipes influenced by ancient traditions. ⚘ My complete and undivided attention. ⚘ Unlimited text support from your first session to your last.

Blurry Flowers

I am happy to formulate payment plans. I also accept HSA. All plans above are customizable.

Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. 

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6514 Jackson St

Indianapolis, IN

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