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📅Time/ Date/ Investment 

Time: 1pm to roughly 4pm. (Plan for it to run a little over) 

Date: May 5th 2024

Investment: $33

Please Venmo Madison @Madison-Mellencamp with an emoji that represents your gift, hopes, or intention for that afternoon.

Please sign up after payment! 

☀️Hello sweet and wonderful Women! 

Our first circle will be held

May 5th 2024

📍Location and Parking:

This circle will be held on the Westside of Indianapolis in our home/ studio. You can simply type “Whole Momma Wellness” into Google maps or Apple maps and it will give you directions. 

Address: 📍 6514 Jackson Street Indianapolis, Indiana.

Parking: Parking is available in the driveway and on the North side of Jackson Street.

Please be mindful not to block any neighbors driveways.


✨Be a part of a sanctuary where your genuine voice and distinct gifts are cherished without reservation. Join a sisterhood where acceptance is practiced, where you’re encouraged to unleash your brilliance. Step into an empowering environment where your talents are celebrated, and your light encouraged to shine brightly. Experience the joy of receiving from fellow women, reigniting your soul as we collectively acknowledge the beauty within and our capacity to foster a compassionate, united, and nurturing community. Come be fully celebrated!

💞The Layout: 


The afternoon’s layout includes opening and closing circles and four 20-minute trading sessions where you will be paired one-on-one with four others (for two of these sessions you give, for two you receive). And if there’s time before close, a brief fire ceremony. 


You will bring with you an idea of what your heart would love to share with a fellow sister. In past groups this has looked like:

  • Massage

  • Energy healing

  • EFT

  • Sound healing

  • Tarot

  • Guided meditation

  • Hair brushing

  • A compassionate listening presence

  • The list goes on and on! 

Whatever you TRULY feel called to share, trust that. Every woman has a divine gift to share! 


⭕️Circle Intentions and Values: 


🌹We commit to viewing each other with compassion, refraining from judgment, assumptions, blame, or criticism within our circle. Our focus lies in uplifting, celebrating, and reflecting the beauty, love, and talents present in every sister present. Through this collective support, we nurture and magnify these qualities within ourselves and each other. Our gatherings aim to strengthen the bonds of togetherness, kindness, and connection with ourselves, one another, and our community. 

🌹In our circle, we recognize that we are both teachers and students, with abundant wisdom to share and receive. Each woman is invited to offer a meaningful and intentional contribution, a “gift,” aimed at nurturing her fellow sisters. These gifts extend beyond the material realm, touching mind, body, heart, and spirit.

🌹When receiving, we enthusiastically embrace the art of receiving, allowing ourselves to be nourished and supported in whatever form we need, even from unexpected sources. We trust in the process and remain open to the blessings each sister inherently brings.

🌹Confidentiality is paramount in our circle, creating a safe space for transformative experiences, healing, and community.

🌹While some faces may be familiar from other spheres of our lives, we approach each gathering with fresh eyes, embracing the ever-changing nature of ourselves and our sisters. Let us come together with curiosity, openness, and wonder, allowing for growth and transformation in each other and ourselves.


  • As much as I wish we could have small kiddos, this is a kid free event. Please make sure to arrange child care. 

  • There will be light snacks and refreshments, feel free to bring whatever will help make you feel most comfortable! 

💖I so look forward to gathering with you and whatever divine group falls into place. If you have any questions feel free to send me an email


Join us May 5th, 2024 from 1pm-4pm

@ Whole Momma Wellness

Please pay $33 via Venmo to Madison @Madison-Mellencamp with an emoji that represents your gift, hopes, or intention for that afternoon.

Please sign up after payment! 

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