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When a baby is born, so too is a mother. Whether this is your first baby or fifth, with this metamorphosis comes shifting identities, new responsibilities, and an unfamiliar world to navigate. My intention in my work is to help you feel supported in this transition, so you might explore this new world with confidence, grace, and strength. 

Mother Baby Bonding

What Can I Expect From The Postpartum Package?

  • After our initial consultation, we will sit down for one prenatal appointment to discuss any concerns you may have about this season of motherhood. Together we will write out a postpartum plan for your ultimate care and support! 

  • The next 5 meetings will come after the baby is born. These sessions will be focused on the care of you and your family. 

  • Visits last anywhere from 1-5 hours 


    Our Sessions may include:

  • Guided Relaxation

  • Gentle Yoga

  • Reiki Therapy

  • Processing your Birth Story 

  • Preparation of meals made with locally sourced and organic ingredients when available

  • Light Cleaning 

  • Spending Time with Baby While Mom Practices Self-Care

  • Spending Time with Other Children While Momma Bonds with Baby

  • Postpartum Hair Loss Treatment (scalp massage with special oils) 

  • Pelvic Steaming 

  • Herbal Healing Baths 


     Additional topics we may cover:

  • Infant Soothing

  • Infant Feeding

  • Baby Wearing

  • Postnatal Nutrition and Exercise

  • Self Care Practices 

  • Resources for an Empowered 4th Trimester (including access to my mini lending library)

    Postpartum Package Add On

  • If you find yourself needing additional postpartum support, we can add additional hours.

I am happy to take payment plans. I also accept HSA. Please message me if you have any questions.


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